Organic-PLUS at European Federation of Animal Science

Dr. Carmen L. Manuelian presenting on the composition of organic cheese at the EAAP meeting in Porto

The 73rd Annual meeting of the EAAP (The European Federation of Animal Science) took place in early September in the city of Porto, Portugal. There were a number of presentations from the Organic-PLUS LIVESTOCK workpackage which focused on ‘High quality and sustainable milk and meat products from cattle’ and included:

  • A poster presentation of ‘Herbal bolus to boost Holstein-Friesian cow’s health and reproduction traits’ by Manuelian CL, Simoni M, Callegari F, De Lorenzi C, De Marchi and F. Righi.
  • A spoken presentation about ‘Organic wood chips versus conventional straw bedding on dairy cows production, behaviour and cleanliness’ by Simoni M, Pitino R, Mantovani G, Carone G, Mochen L, Danese T and Righi F.
  • A further presentation about the ‘Composition of organic and conventional Italian cheeses’ by Manuelian CL, Pozza M, Franzoi M, De Marchi M.

Around 1,500 people participated in the event which was held at the lnternational Congress Center of Alfândega do Porto, an historic building located in the historic city centre of Porto, by the Douro River, recovered by Arch. Souto Moura.

The main aims of EAAP are to promote, by means of active co-operation between its members and other relevant international and national organisations, the advancement of scientific research, sustainable development and systems of production; experimentation, application and extension; to improve the technical and economic conditions of the livestock sector; to promote the welfare of farm animals and the conservation of the rural environment; to control and optimise the use of natural resources in general and animal genetic resources in particular; to encourage the involvement of young scientists and technicians. More information on the organisation and its activities can be found at

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