The main goal of work package 2 is to aid the dialogue between scientists, farmers, stakeholders and members of the public about contentious inputs in organic agriculture.


1. Develop a genuine two-way science-society dialogue between natural scientists (plant, soil and animal); farmers; stakeholders; and members of the public concerning the use of contentious inputs in organic agriculture.

2. Provide effective multiple dissemination activities and feedback mechanisms so that high quality scientific evidence produced and gathered in Organic-PLUS can have clear and measurable impacts for all stakeholders.

3. Generate knowledge about the public understanding of sustainable food and concerns about contentious inputs in organic farming to incorporate/consider public expectations in the development of new standards and to build trust in these standards across Europe.

4. Map the current use of contentious inputs on organic farms in the participating countries, and identify available alternatives to their use that have been applied by farmers.

5. Maximise the uptake of alternatives to contentious inputs in organic agriculture by disseminating the project’s findings through demonstrations, training and teaching activities.


Organic-PLUS on BBC Midlands today 06-06-18
Organic-PLUS appearing on BBC news in the UK