The overall aim of work package 6 is to model and assess the operational and economic consequences for different pathways to phasing out non-compatible external inputs in organic production systems as well as evaluating selected system changes preventing the necessary use of contentious inputs.


1. Model systems to evaluate the cost-benefit, feasibility, and operational management options for different pathways and methods of using alternative external inputs (for targeted aspects of horticulture, plant and an animal production).

2. Conduct an environmental assessment and a sustainability assessment for representative farming systems to test and validate the proposed methodologies in comparison with traditional systems and methods. This will provide insight into the application, data requirements, validity, and outputs of the sustainability assessment.

3. Contribute to the application of a participatory approach involving the extraction of stakeholder’s requirements and perception (in WP2 IMPACT) as well as the inclusion and engagement of stakeholders for the engagement and dissemination of guidelines and best management practices.