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Team in O+

Sophie Valleix.  Sophie is an agricultural engineer who has more than 25 years’ experience in organic agriculture, as teacher (courses for adults in agronomy, plant production and animal husbandry) and as ABioDoc’s responsible (as State employee). Sophie was involved in French research groups and in research projects, in Brittany (1991 to 1998) and in Massif Central (2005 to now). She participated in an European network from 2004 to 2006 (SAFO, Sustaining animal health and food safety in organic farming). Sophie, as ABioDoc’s responsible since 2002, is involved in IFOAM network, at French level, European level and international level. She is in relation with many stakeholders working in organic farming in France and other countries.

Esméralda Ribeiro. Esméralda has a Master in Languages and 18 years’ experience in organic agriculture, as librarian at the National resources centre specialised in organic farming (ABioDoc). Esméralda has solid skills on organic farming and on the associated network. She is also involved in the organic information and knowledge dissemination.

Héloise Bugaut. Héloise is is an agricultural engineer. She was hired at ABioDoc in 2018 as a technical and scientific writer and she is involved in different projects at regional and national scale.

About VetAgro Sup and ABioDoc

VetAgro Sup, Institute of higher education is placed under the supervision of the ministry assigned to agriculture and is member of the “Université de Lyon” and “Clermont Université”. Particularly involved in food, health and sustainable development issues, VetAgro Sup trains veterinary physicians, agricultural engineers and veterinary/agronomic public health experts. Concerning major issues, VetAgro Sup’s research units partner with national and international research institutions. The school is also involved in many research and development projects. The school activities are based on strong partnerships with socio-economic world (companies and local authorities) but also on many agreements with universities. VetAgro Sup, especially from its agronomic campus, is involved in organic farming for 25 years. It manages, with Clermont Université, the French professional bachelor’s degree specialized in organic farming (Licence professionnelle “Agriculture Biologique, conseil, développement”), which covers 7 sites on all the territory.

ABioDoc, a VetAgro Sup’s department, is the French documentary centre specialised in organic farming. It’s supported by the French Ministry of Agriculture. ABioDoc’s missions are intelligence, data collecting and processing, and dissemination of information dealing with organic farming. It manages the only French speaking database specialized in organic farming and edits a monthly bibliographic revue and thematic newsletters. Its national program is included in the ITAB’s program (Technical Institute of organic farming) and its orientations are discussed in a national orientation committee composed of several national organisations involved in organic farming (farmers’ representatives, research Institutes, organic farming promotion agency…). To succeed its missions, ABioDoc is in contact with many national, European and international partners of organic farming. From 2010 to 2015, ABioDoc had a partnership with a Quebec Institute (CETAB +) and has signed in 2015 an agreement with a Swiss research Institute, the FIBL. ABioDoc provides a technical, economic and regulation documentation support to all the partners of organic farming, and proposes references on innovative techniques of production and marketing, on environment, energy, and rural development, to all the actors working on agricultural development and interested in organic farming. ABioDoc also take part in research and development projects at different level in France (inter regional and national), as member of governance and/or on its missions (intelligence, dissemination).