YouTube Channel

The Organic-PLUS YouTube playlist is published at the project co-ordinator’s YouTube channel: Coventry University, CAWR (Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience).  The material was filmed at the project Kick-Off meeting in Padova, Italy in June 2018.

Content overview:

  • First (clip 1), it gives a quick ‘taster’ introduction to the project with the Organic-PLUS team in action during the Kick-Off meeting in Padova, including footage from visits to organic farms in the North of Italy (3 min).
  • Then (clip 2-7), the six work-package (WP) leaders explain the specific research and innovation in their WPs (3 min each).
  • Then (clip 8-11), the international advisory board introduces the discussion of contentious inputs across the world (3 min each).
  • This is followed by a video recording of the full lectures (clip 12-16) given on contentious inputs in Canada, South-Africa, Iran, India and South-Korea (20-30 min each).


Other video

BBC filming at Coventry University, Ryton Organic Gardens and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) 5-Acres (