Overview of all Tasks

Task 1.1: Management of project documents and data management plan
Task 1.2: Project co-ordination and reporting
Task 1.3: International advisory board, Industry advisory board
Task 1.4: Qualitiy assurance of deliverables, management plans and publications
Task 2.1: Comprehensive database of key stakeholders, and review of the current use of, and alternatives to, contentious inputs
Task 2.2: Undertake a comprehensive online survey of public opinion regarding contentious inputs in organic farming
Task 2.3: Undertake ‘citizen juries’ in Italy, Norway and UK
Task 2.4: Develop a ‘house style’, website, social media strategy, newsletters, factsheets and EIP practice abstracts.
Task 2.5: Organise two large conferences and support applied WPs with dissemination for communities of practice.
Task 2.6: Demonstration, training and teaching activities
Task 2.7: Integration, holistic system approach and overall policy strategy and activities
Task 3.1: Current use of contentious inputs (Cu and MinOils)
Task 3.2: Identification of available alternatives to Cu and MinOils for plant protection in organic crop production in Europe
Task 3.3: Generation of additional knowledge required for optimal use of alternatives
Task 3.4: Design of phase-out scenarios through substitution, combination or plant protection system redesign
Task 3.5: Field evaluation of system solution scenarios to foster the application of available alternatives based on best practice examples
Task 3.6: Evaluation of the acceptance of alternative solutions and barriers to further reduction of contentious inputs
Task 3.7: Stakeholder interaction and dissemination
Task 4.1: Current use of contentious inputs (synt. vitamines, antibiotics, conventional beeding)
Task 4.2: Identification of alternatives: Investigation of plant vitamin sources, anti-infective and immuno-stimulatory properties of plant products
Task 4.3: Development of alternative/new bedding materials from agroforestry
Task 4.4: Chemical analysis and in-vitro trials on alternative natural plant products
Task 4.5: In-vivo trials on the use of alternative molecules from plant products and bedding materials from agroforestry in animal production.
Task 4.6: Impact of alternative molecules from plant products and bedding materials from agroforestry on animal product quality.
Task 4.7: Stakeholder interaction and dissemination
Task 5.1: Current use of contentious inputs (‘animal derived fertilisers, peat, plastic mulch’)
Task 5.2: Identification of possible alternatives
Task 5.3: Processing of agroforestry and other plant material for improved characteristics
Task 5.4: Examination of promisting alternatives, fertilisers
Task 5.5: Examination of promising alternatives, peat
Task 5.6: Examination of promising alternatives, plastic
Task 5.7: Stakeholder interaction and dissemination – barriers to the uptake of alternatives
Task 6.1: Targeted design of user-centric scenarios for organic production systems phasing out contentious inputs
Task 6.2: Analysis and feasibility assessments
Task 6.3: Environmental assessment
Task 6.4: Sustainability assessment
Task 6.5: Validity of sustainability assessments
Task 6.6: Stakeholder interaction and dissemination (farmers, policy, standards)