Associate Partners

The work of the project partners will be further supported by a large group of associate partners with strong links to governmental bodies to ensure influence on policies and practices of EU and near-neighbouring states. A list of 51 associated partners who supported the project at application is provided here. Further associated partners are listed below and on the Farming Partners page.
Together they cover the whole of Europe from Norway to Turkey.

No Country Name of Partner Type of partner Website
1 Norway OIKOS National movement of organic producers
2 Norway Norsk Landbruksrådgiving Norwegian Agricultural Advisory Board
3 Norway FJORDLAKS SME Sea food producer
4 Denmark DAKA Food Ingredients Production
5 Denmark Biodynamisk Regulatory body (NGO)
6 United Kingdom 5 Acre Community Farm Organic Community Interest Company
7 United Kingdom Garden Organic Charity organic horticulture
8 United Kingdom Organic Growers Alliance Organic Grower Association
9 United Kingdom Sustain Charity alliance for better food and farming
10 United Kingdom Phibro SME Animal Health Corporation
11 Germany Baden Württemberg Horticulture School
12 Germany Demeter Organic Association
13 Germany Beratungsdienst Ökologischer Gemüsebau Organic Farm Advisors
14 Germany EIP Project Bodenfruchtbarkeit vieharmer Okobetriebe Organic Farm Advisors
15 Germany Gruner Dungen SME organic fertiliser manufacturer
16 Germany Galle GmbH SME compositing plant
17 Germany Biomasse Schraden e.V. SME Regional production and utilization of energy wood
18 Poland Noweko Sp.zoo Certification Body
19 Poland Biomass Media Group SME Biomass Publishing Company
20 Poland Instytut Inzynierii Institute of Engineering
21 France Idele Agriculture research institute
22 Greece BioGenus SME
23 Greece Theofrastos SME organic Fertiliser Manufacturer
24 Greece DIO Organic certification body
25 Greece Biologikes Standing Markets for Organic Products in Thessaloniki
26 Italy BioHombre Organic dairy industry specialized in PDO cheese production
27 Italy Biotrade SME Natural additives
28 Italy Granarolo S.p.A SME Food Manufacturer
29 Italy Latteria Soligo Cooperative Society
30 Italy Azove Producer Organisation
31 Italy Comazoo SME Cooperative for agricultural and zootechnical improvement
32 Spain European Agroforestry Federation European Agroforestry Federation
33 Spain Sociedad Española de Agricultura Ecológica (SEAE) Agroecology and Organic association
34 Spain Zero CU++ EIP Operational group
35 Spain Agroterritori Agroterritorial Group in Catalonia
36 Spain I’era Association for ecological agricultural production and agroecology
37 Spain Agaca Farmers Cooperative
38 Spain Tervex A manufacturer of professional substrat
39 Spain Cartes Catalonian Fruit farms
40 Spain Ecoaniame Farm advisors
41 Spain Colegio oficial de Ingerios Técnicos Agrícolas Association of agronomists in Almeria
42 Spain Crisara Organic Agriculture Specialist and Almond Production
43 Spain Cuevas Bio Organic vegetable growers cooperative
44 Spain Agrobobadilla SME retailer of inputs for agriculture Granada
45 Turkey Degirmen YERLIM Organic farm and company processing organic plant products
46 Turkey Bactogen SME producing microbial preparations  for organic production
47 Turkey Bademler Village Agricultural Cooperative Farmers’ Cooperative
48 Turkey Bugday NGO for Ecological Living
49 Turkey Karoklar SME Ecological Production
50 Turkey OTS SME Organic Food Producer
51 Greece Biocyclic Vegan Network Biocyclic Vegan Organic Network