This work package will cover contentious inputs used in the major animal production systems, considering the use of natural plant sources of vitamins as an alternative to synthetic products, the use of anti-infective and immune-stimulatory molecules from plant products as an alternative to synthetic antibiotics and the use of alternative and novel bedding materials in place of straw from conventional farms.


1. The use of plant sources of vitamins and alternative to synthetic vitamins in different production systems (dairy cows, beef cattle, young stock, lambs, pigs and poultry).

2. The use of natural anti-infective and immune-stimulating molecules as an alternative to antibiotics in different production systems (dairy cows, beef cattle, young stock, sheep, swine and poultry).

3. The use of alternative and novel bedding material from agroforestry supply chains and the study of their impact on animal performance and health traits.

4. The study of the impact of alternative molecules and alternative/novel bedding materials on animal products’ quality (milk and meat).