ABioDoc French documents


This selection of documents was collected during 2018 by ABioDoc (the French Documentation Centre specialised in Organic Farming) as part of the European project Organic-PLUS. These bibliographic references were published between 2006 and 2018. They were extracted from the Biobase (https://abiodoc.docressources.fr), the ABioDoc’s documentary database. Most of documents are in French, but titles have been translated, and you can use an online translator to translate the abstracts. Some of this documents are free and accessible online (an internet link is indicated after their abstract). However, most documents are not free of charge. If you want to obtain a paying document, you are very welcome to contact ABioDoc: abiodoc@educagri.fr.

The following 7 detailed PDF-documents (more then 200 pages together) are available for download with recent research and knowledge on alternatives to: 1 COPPER, 2 PEST CONTROL, 3 MASTITIS ANTIBIOTICS, 4 ANIMAL HEALTH, 5 BEDDING, 6 PEAT and 7 PLASTIC MULCHING.
With this specific collection of detailed information about the contentious inputs researched in Organic-PLUS, we hope the information will become more widely available and accessible for non-french speakers.

1 Bibliographic list on COPPER alternatives (PDF, 20 pages)

2 Bibliographic list on PEST CONTROL in Livestock alternatives (PDF, 32 pages)

3 Bibliographic list on MASTITIS ANTIBIOTICS alternatives (PDF, 23 pages)

4 Bibliographic list on ANIMAL HEALTH alternatives (PDF, 80 pages)

5 Bibliographic list on BEDDING for Livestock alternatives (PDF, 7 pages)

6 Bibliographic list on PEAT alternatives (PDF, 3 pages)

7 Bibliographic list on PLASTIC MULCHING alternatives (PDF, 36 pages)


Cette sélection de documents a été réalisée au 2018 par ABioDoc (le Centre national de ressources documentaires en Agriculture Biologique) dans le cadre du projet européen Organic-PLUS. Les références bibliographiques qui la composent ont été publiées entre 2006 et 2018. Elles ont été extraites de la Biobase (https://abiodoc.docressources.fr) la base de données documentaire d’ABioDoc. La majorité des documents sont en français. Certains d’entre eux sont accessibles en ligne gratuitement (un lien internet est indiqué à la suite de leur résumé). Néanmoins, la plupart des articles ne sont pas accessibles gratuitement. Si vous souhaitez obtenir un document payant, vous pouvez ABioDoc: abiodoc@educagri.fr.