Consortium Meeting and Biofach 2022

As the Organic-PLUS project enters its final stages, the consortium of 25 universities and NGOs met at the University of Hohenheim to discuss their remaining work and next steps. 40 participants representing 25 partners gave presentations and took part in meetings to plan our remaining work. There was also the opportunity to visit a range of organic and biodynamic farms in the locality.

The group also attended the international conference and exhibition Biofach 2022, where there was an internal project session and also a public workshop, ‘Raising the bar for Organic: Input-substitution or system redesign?’ held jointly with sister project RELACS. There was a particular focus on copper and peat-based growing media, with Margi Lennartsson explaining the phase-out of peat in horticulture, which is now within reach.

Margi Lennartsson of the RHS and Coventry University discussing the phase out of peat from organic horticulture

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