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Status: C=Confidential (not shown), P=Public (published with link when available).

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Date  Cont. Nr. Delivery short title  –  relating to the following WP: WP and Nr. Status
31 May 2018 D1 H – Requirement No. 1 D7.1 C
31 May 2018 D2 POPD – Requirement No. 2 D7.2 C
31 Oct 2018 D6 Data Management Plan D1.1 C
31 Oct 2018 D8 Comprehensive database and review of current use D2.1 P
31 Oct 2018 D12 Internal and external website D2.5 P
31 Oct 2018 D20 Current use of contentious inputs (WP PLANT) D3.1 P
31 Oct 2018 D31 Current use of contentious inputs (WP LIVESTOCK) D4.1 P
31 Oct 2018 D45 Current use of contentious inputs (WP SOIL) D5.1 P
31 Oct 2018 D3 A – Requirement No. 3 D7.3 C
31 Oct 2018 D4 NEC – Requirement No. 4 D7.4 C
31 Dec 2018 D57 Design scenarios for phasing out contentious inputs D6.1 P
31 Jan 2019 D21 Available alternatives or reduction strategies Cu and MinOil D3.2 P
31 Jan 2019 D22 Factsheets for stakeholders (WP PLANT) D3.3 P
31 Jan 2019 D32 Report on plant sources of vitamins, antiparasitics and antimicrobics for livestock D4.2 P
31 Jan 2019 D33 Factsheets for stakeholders (WP LIVESTOCK) D4.3 P
31 Jan 2019 D46 Report on alternatives to contentious inputs (WP SOIL) D5.2 P
30 Apr 2019 D47 Technical paper on twin screw extruder processing technology for fibres as raw material for peat substitution D5.3 P
30 Apr 2019 D58 Feasibility of designed scenarios D6.2 P
30 Apr 2019 D5 EPQ – Requirement No. 5 D7.5 C
31 Oct 2019 D9 Survey on public opinion regarding contentious inputs D2.2 P
31 Oct 2019 D17 EIP Practice Abstracts (first batch) D2.11 P
31 Oct 2019 D34 Production of livestock bedding pellets from lignocellulosic material D4.4 P
31 Dec 2019 D23 Lab and field trial evaluation D3.4 C
31 Dec 2019 D24 Phase-out scenario design D3.5 C
31 Dec 2019 D25 Modelling disease dynamics in potatoes D3.6 P
31 Dec 2019 D26 DSS for prediction of diseases in tomato crops D3.7 C
30 Apr 2020 D35 Report on the chemical analysis and in vitro trials D4.5 P
30 Apr 2020 D48 Technical paper on organic materials as peat substitute D5.4 P
31 Oct 2020 D10 Citizen Jury Report D2.3 P
31 Oct 2020 D11 Citizen Jury Video Diary D2.4 P
30 Apr 2021 D15 Online course on contentious inputs D2.8 P
30 Apr 2021 D16 International course on contentious inputs D2.9 P
30 Apr 2021 D49 Peer-reviewed paper on defibrated organic materials (peat replacement) – submitted currently in peer-review publicly available soon (abstract available here) D5.5 P
30 Apr 2021 D59 Environmental sustainability report (LCA) D6.3 P
30 Jun 2021 D60 Sustainability assessment report D6.4 P
31 Oct 2021 D13 Factsheets and newsletters D2.6 P
31 Oct 2021 D18  EIP practice abstracts (second batch) D2.12 P
31 Oct 2021 D61 Validity of sustainability assessment report D6.5 P
30 Nov 2021 D27 Evaluation of system solutions D3.8 P
30 Nov 2021 D36 Report on in-vivo trials on the use of alternative molecules D4.6 P
30 Nov 2021 D37 Report on the impact on animal product quality D4.7 P
30 Nov 2021 D50 Summary paper on alternative fertilisers D5.6 P
30 Nov 2021 D51 Technical report on alternative fertilisers (arable and vegetables) D5.7 P
30 Nov 2021 D52 Report on trial with alternative growing media D5.8 P
30 Nov 2021 D53 Farmer-focused open days D5.9 P
30 Nov 2021 D54 Summary paper on alternative mulch materials D5.10 P
30 Nov 2021 D55 Technical report on using alternative mulch materials D5.11 P
28 Feb 2022 D7 Documentation of boards D1.2 P
28 Feb 2022 D14 Conferences D2.7 P
28 Feb 2022 D28 Evaluation of alternatives and cost/benefit analysis D3.9 P
28 Feb 2022 D29 Barriers to reduction of contentious inputs D3.10 P
28 Feb 2022 D30 Factsheets for stakeholder uptake (WP PLANT) D3.11 P
28 Feb 2022 D38 Mini papers for stakeholders – enhance animal’s immune system D4.8 P
28 Feb 2022 D39 Mini papers for stakeholders – dairy cows D4.9 P
28 Feb 2022 D40 Mini papers for stakeholders – beef cattle D4.10 P
28 Feb 2022 D41 Protocol for vitamins and bedding – poultry D4.11 P
28 Feb 2022 D42 Mini papers for stakeholders – pig production D4.12 P
28 Feb 2022 D43 Mini papers for stakeholders – alternative molecules and bedding D4.13 P
28 Feb 2022 D44 Farmer-facing workshops D4.14 P
28 Feb 2022 D56 Report and factsheets on barriers (WP SOIL) D5.12 P
28 Feb 2022 D62 Stakeholder interaction and dissemination D6.6 P
30 Apr 2022 D19 Policy briefing and phase-outs D2.10 P