Farming Partners

Thank you to all of the farms that have participated in Organic-PLUS so far. If you are a livestock farmer and would like to be involved in the project, please complete our Livestock Survey. The survey will help us map the use of contentious inputs and their alternatives, and is open until the end of February 2019. For other ways to get involved, please email Project Manager, Judith Conroy –

Farms that have contributed so far include:



Farm name Website or other contact Type of farm
Cal Roio Catllaras Cattle
Biograssfed – Can Genover Cattle
Mas Pinós Cattle
Ecomuseo Ca l’Asturcón Sheep
Granjas de Poniente S.L – Lactics Casanueva, S.L Goats
Elita Cattle
Cordero de Pasto Sheep
Telleri-Zahar Sheep
Mas Montagut www.patataecologica.comCattle Cattle
Cal Serrats Goats & sheep
Can Garriga Cattle
Palmiano Sheep
Pasturabosc Sheep
Organicum – Mas Puigerniscle Instagram: @maspuigerniscle Cattle
Vedella ecològica de Trullàs Cattle & sheep
El Ramat Instagram: @elramateco Cattle
Delcinca Pollo Ecologico Poultry
Ecocentro S.C. Poultry
Verin Biocoop SGC Cattle
Sat Can Roger Cattle
Jauregia Esnekiak Cattle
La Clariana  Poultry
Lonbide Cattle, horses & swine
Sant Miquel Cattle & poultry
Errotik Cattle
Granja Vela Blanca Poultry
Casa El Cuarto Cattle
Binifela www. Cattle & poultry
Granja ecológica las Pencas Poultry
dpagès Swine
La Selvatana Frisllet s.l Cattle
Lábeyeru Honeybees
SC Ibañez Eseverri Horses & sheep
Mel Ecologica Llagrimes de Ra Honeybees


United Kingdom:

Farm name Website Type of farm
Woodland Valley Cattle
Boyd Farms Cattle
The Inkpot Cattle, goats, sheep & poultry
Challon’s Combe Cattle & swine
Yatesbury House Farm Cattle
Feldon Forest Farm Cattle & sheep



Farm name Website Type of farm
Azienda Agricola Boccea Cattle & poultry
Tenuta di Paganico Horses, cattle & swine
Bordona Farm Cattle
Le Rondini Cattle
Denis Padulini Cattle & sheep
Poggio di Camporbiano Cattle
Terre dei Gaia Azienda Agricola Sheep
Hombre Cattle
Società Agricola Terra Delle Dolomiti Cattle & swine
Azienda Agricola Cascina Orsine Cattle
la Capreria Goats
Azienda Agricola Sansoni Cattle & sheep
Salumificio Pedrazzoli Swine
Mario Santo Sheep & horses



Farm name Website or other contact Type of farm
Ferme de Fons des Ores Poultry
Les Rouquines Cattle
Gaec Guilhot Goats, sheep & swine
Domaine de Blacher Sheep & poultry
Ferme du Lycée G Pompidou-enilv Cattle
GAEC Ferme sur la Tour Cattle
La ferme de pics et piques Goats & sheep
Gaec du Thicaud Cattle, horses & swine
La Combe Cattle, sheep & poultry
la ferme du serre  Cattle
EARL Les Jardins d’Aestiv Cattle, swine & poultry
La Marsottiere Cattle
La ferme des belines Sheep
la ferme du Paillot Sheep
Ferme de Nougerède Cattle
Le Rucher Poete Sheep
Ferme de Sagne-Rousseyre Cattle & goats
Ferme de La Valette – Périgord Cattle & swine
Le Ferme du Raguet Goats & swine
Ferme de Manâtre Cattle
Earl saskia cheval Poultry & horses
La Ferme Biquettes et Compagnie Goats



Farm name Website Type of farm
Kor Agro Organik Gıda A.Ş Poultry
Elta-Ada Cattle, goats & sheep



Farm name Website or other contact Type of farm
Grzegorz Łaski Goats & poultry
Karol Zorychta Sheep
Mirosław Umerski Sheep & poultry
Marcin Wójcik Cattle & sheep
Lucyna Cwynar Goats



Farm name Website Type of farm
Gerðakotslífið Sheep, goats & poultry



Farm name Website Type of farm
Hauan Gård Sheep



Farm name Website or other contact Type of farm
Tsakiris Poultry
Douma Vital Farm Goats & swine
Pelechras Athanasios Goats & sheep
Zarganis Biofarm Poultry
Gerakis Michail Goats
Oikologiko Agroktima Diamanti Goats & sheep
Aigofarma Kostopoulos Goats
Klonaras Farms Sheep
Tsichouridis Farm Donkeys & horses



Farm name Website Type of farm
Biohof Hochedler, Fam Knoll Cattle, sheep & poultry
Josef Mangelberger Cattle
Biohof Taschl GesbR Cattle & poultry
Schreidlhof Sheep
Stranzenhof Sheep & poultry
Gössler-Hof Cattle, goats & horses
Biohof Haus Wieser Cattle


The survey will be open until the 28th of February 2019, so if you are an organic livestock farmer in Europe or nearby (doesn’t have to be an EU country), please take part; find your preferred language on our Livestock Survey page, or translate from the English version.

Thank you