Seminar on involving citizens in deliberative processes

Adrian in Norway.jpg
Adrian Evans presenting on citizen jury research

Coventry University’s Organic-PLUS team (project manager Judith Conroy,  project coordinator Ulrich Schmutz, WP2 leader Adrian Evans and RA Dr Rosa van Kesteren) attended a seminar on involving citizens in deliberate processes at Oslo Met University. The seminar was organised on the 3rd December 2019 by Gunnar Vittersø and Hanne Torjusen (Consumption Research Norway-SIFO and Organic-PLUS partner in Norway) with an additional grant by the Norwegian Research Council.

Coventry University’s presentation was on Citizen Juries:  Enhancing our understanding of animal welfare and organic farming through science-society dialogues.

Further presentations were by:
Cathrine Hasse, Aarhus University: Reeler Outreach: Minipublics
Simon Burall, The Involve Foundation: The UK experience of deliberative processes
Virginie Amilien, Consumption Research Norway (SIFO): Hybrid Forums
Erik Thorstensen, Work Research Institute (AFI): Engaging Older Adults through World Cafés.
Pål Strandbakken & Harald-Throne Holst, Consumption Research Norway (SIFO): 3rd Generation Deliberations

Further activities like a World Cafe with participants and a working session during the following day were exciting shared learning experiences with colleagues from other projects. This will shape the future citizen jury research work on contentious inputs within the Organic-PLUS project in Norway, the United Kingdom and Italy.

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