Organic Animal Husbandry systems – challenges, performance and potentials (IAHA)

The Organic-PLUS and RELACS projects teamed up with IAHA and several EU-Core Organic projects to share results on organic livestock research. The proceedings (111 pages) of the IAHA Video-Conference on Organic Animal Husbandry, held 21. and 22. September 2020 (linked to the 20th Organic World Congress of IFOAM – now in 2021) are found here:

Otto Schmid, Marion Johnson, Mette Vaarst, Barbara Früh (Eds.) (2020) Organic Animal Husbandry systems – challenges, performance and potentials. Proceedings of the IAHA Video-Conference.

Main organisers with contact persons 

IFOAM Animal Husbandry Alliance (IAHA)
Contact: Otto Schmid, Chair of IFOAM Animal Husbandry Alliance,  

FiBL Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (Switzerland)
Contact: Barbara Früh 

ITAB & INRA (France) as Organic World Congress organisers
Contact: Frédéric Rey 

EU-Core Organic Projects
Project GrazyDaiSy – Dairy cattle meet their natural needs through grazing, dam-rearing and health support 
Contact: Mette Vaarst, project coordinator GrazyDaiSy, DK, 

Project ProYoungStock – Promoting young stock and cow health and welfare by natural feeding systems, Contacts: Anet Spengler and Anna Bieber, FiBL, Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, CH,, 

Project MIX-ENABLE – MIXEd livestock farming for improved sustaiNABiLity and robustnEss of organic livestock
Contacts: Guillaume Martin INRA, France, , Marc Benoit INRA, France, 

Project POWER – Power to strengthen welfare and resilience in organic pig pro-duction 
Contact: Anne Grete Kongsted, Aarhus University, Denmark, 

EU-Projects under Horizon 2020 Programme
Organic-PLUS – Pathways to phase-out contentious inputs from organic agriculture in Europe
Contact: Ulrich Schmutz, Coventry University, UK, 

RELACS – ‘Replacement of Contentious Inputs in Organic Farming Systems’,
Contact: Lucius Tamm, FiBL, Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, CH, 


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